Wednesday, 19 March 2014

HACS[Hackers for applied cyber security] -2014 Mini CTF

We were determined to teach our juniors what we had learnt as a team.We thought as we have enough experience as beginners in CTF's.So we decided to conduct a Mini-CTF and help beginners learn something out of box.
As I believe that CTF is one of the most successful way of improving the skills.We had to restrict the categories and problems.The CTF was live for 2 weeks with a irc-channel to help our juniors solve the problems.
As it was a beginner CTF,i thought may be a practice session and a good challenges for beginners,so thought of sharing it in my blog.

I have given the links for Forensics and Miscellaneous in the description part.The solutions are in the slides which i have uploaded in slideshare.
The link to slides :

Hope you enjoy the challenges.

Hacs team
Tanoy Bose,
Farhan sheik,
Yogeesh S,
Movnavinothan V,
Adithya Naresh

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