Thursday, 13 March 2014

RUCTF 2014 Quals Misc-100 [Shredder] Misc-200 [RuCTF radio] Reverse-10 [Harm]

I am writing all the three because its not that great challenges which requires that much space to explain it :-)

Misc-100 [Shredder]

We were given this image

Painful challenge but something different i have ever seen till this day.I had to take a printout and cut it and rejoin to get the flag.This is the image i got ,even though i missed a main cutting in between.


Misc -200 [RuCTF radio]

Was a nice challenge.I clearly understood the purpose when i finished the challenge.Challenge was meant to hear music while playing CTF.

Challenge was to Just listen to the radio :

Somewhere between you will hear : The flag is sounds good to me with spaces.I repeat the flag is sounds good to me with spaces.

FLAG : sounds good to me

Find the md5 checksum of ragger.hsc file from harm0597 discmag.

A quick google of ragger.hsc gives you the link for file.

Md5 checksum of ragger.hsc is "8fafa0b0ed4984edd8ffac5cd0f46089"

FLAG : 8fafa0b0ed4984edd8ffac5cd0f46089


  1. Hi,

    Could you please to share the binary file of challenge Reverse-10 ? Thank you very much

    1. hi,
      Sorry there was no binary file given.The question was just to find the md5checksum of ragger.hsc which can be found here -


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