Sunday, 9 February 2014

Olympic-CTF 2014 Nopsleigh-10 { As Seen On Defcon}

Well this was totally unexpected.I had recently seen the defcon-17 video by chris eagle aka psifertex who talks about CTF.So Defcon-2006 trivia 500 was based on similar challenge where instead of ARM64 PPC instructions were asked.

Question :
EBFE is to x86 as ____ is to ARM64

challenge was just to find the opcode used for unconditional branch that is infinite loop in ARM64 as EBFE in x86 means unconditional the hint was in the question itself that the question asked was so similar.Our task was to just find the opcode.Googling out i got 0x14000000 as the opcode.If u find EAFFFFFE then it is 32 bit.Dont worry even i have read the manual but its for 32bit.
as the endian is what was little endian.

FLAG : 00000014

Olympic-CTF2014 Curling-10 { Out there }

This was a question based on ipv6.So make required configuration to access the ipv6 address.ipv6 tunneling is what you have google search register and configure.I used for tunneling.

Question was :
Flag is out there: http://[2a02:6b8:0:141f:fea9:d5ff:fed5:XX01]/

Google search yields the port number which was supposed to be the address to be accessed was
"http://[2a02:6b8:0:141f:fea9:d5ff:fed5:6901]" XX was nothing but 69.
Viewing the page source of the website got me the flag.

FLAG : CTF{7a0dd6d4556a7ed60e6f7686eae0590d}

Olympic-CTF 2014 Binathlon-10 { Just No One}

This challenge is a binary challenge:
challenge file :

The name is binary challenge but it teaches how important it is to look at the licence agreement.It was a delphi coded password protected file.But it was not complicated to crack it which i thought and did it in the beginning.
Here is the answer.


Olympic-CTF 2014 figure Crypting-10 { Crypting}

Was soo much interesting because after you solve this,you will laugh at it..Well most of them could not solve this in the CTF.

Question :
43wdxz 4edcvgt5 65rdcvb 6tfcgh8uhb 9ijn

I feel this should be answered with just images.because you have to look at the beauty of the question.
well if you hover your finger according to the letter or numbers above you will get letters.Didn't understand?