Saturday, 22 March 2014

Backdoor CTF 2014 [All trivia]

Submit flag as md5 of answer. Answer consists of small alphabets (a-z) only. [Applies to all trivia]

Trivia 1 -

This above link was given .
Quick google about the link showed it was ios-Apple"gotofail" security bug.
md5("gotofail") => 9c00b580a9a1d022d62fa3e8506c3c51

FLAG : 9c00b580a9a1d022d62fa3e8506c3c51

Who is Megaracer?

Again Googling revealed Megaracer aka kimdotcom
md5("Who is Megaracer?") => 148e6711a03f43a1955bcff667d967cc

FLAG : 148e6711a03f43a1955bcff667d967cc

"How I hacked github again". Where am I now?

Google helped to find me the blog of Egor Homkov :
We now know that he is in bangkok..Country is Thailand
md5("thailand") => 8689391a8b93cd2d55ccf3f436eef4e2

FLAG : 8689391a8b93cd2d55ccf3f436eef4e2


This image is about the ted talk to a robot resembling snowden called "beam"
md5("beam") => 5435eeb714f3a0739ca75b3b0eb8cfb3

FLAG : 5435eeb714f3a0739ca75b3b0eb8cfb3

Trivia 21?

This was the question ,something worth thinking.
Anyway it was about the port 21,even i thought in the beginning as blackjack but wasn't the answer.
md5("ftp") => ff104b2dfab9fe8c0676587292a636d3

FLAG : ff104b2dfab9fe8c0676587292a636d3

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