Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Zeromutarts Challenge-2 (antonin)

website : http://zeromutarts.de/

Question :

I got a letter from my friend Antonín. However, it's all Czech to me, maybe you can read it.

Message :
E.ap ipc.bew
C dgoy ,aby yt n.y ötg rbt, yh. o.jp.y itp yh. .bjpözy.e ojptnn C o.by ötgv Go. cy ,co.nö abe et bty uck. cy yt abötb.v

Yh. o.jp.y coV inau{i..n'ot'xth.mcab'ncr.'ötg}

Well now the question is clear so how do we proceed ?
Lets have some google search..Who is antonin? is there a encoding method blah blah..

wiki says that the guy in the picture is antonin dvorak and there is a dvorak encoding..
Antonin Dvorak  Dvorak Encoding

Lets search for a online tool.
dvorak cipher decoder

After we convert it to QWERTY we get this :
Dear griend,
I hust want tk let öku onkw tje secret gkr tje encrö/ted scrkll I sent öku. Use it wiselö and dk nkt five it tk anökne.
Tje secret is> glaf_geelqskqbkjemianqlioeqöku+

So now its easier..so which alphabets is replaced from normal english

g replaced with f
h replaced with j
o replaced with k
ö replaced with y
/ replaced with p
q replaced with _

Now how do you think i got to know that q is _ ? Uh , simple what does the zeromutarts home page say? it says the format for flag is x_x_x_x  right? :-)

After replacing you will get this :
Dear friend,
I just want to let you know the secret for the encrypted scroll I sent you. Use it wisely and do not give it to anyone.

The secret is> flag_feel_so_bohemian_like_you

Flag : feel_so_bohemian_like_you

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