Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Zeromutarts Challenge-1 (404)

Well this is the write up regarding the beginners CTF which was held recently..Got over yesterday but still you can solve the challenges as the site is live..

Website : http://zeromutarts.de

Question :
HTTP codes are kinda fun

The challenge is about Http error codes.So  lets dig in deep what is error 404 from our friend wikipedia.

well it tells us that "It is the webpage when user tries to access dead link or broken link".
So just try some random page like login.php..


this would result in :

404 - Not Found

414 is so much better...

so now search what is 414 error,its nothing but a huge link.try randomly giving something and you would land up in flag..

something like this :  http://zeromutarts.de:8080/loginajsdnjsakndakjsdnaskjdnsadniweeuwihnwefjsdnsjdnvjkdsniuwksdnvkjsnvrkjsdvn.php

Now you will see the flag : 

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