Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Zeromutarts Challenge-3 (Caeser's Last Wish)

Website : http://zeromutarts.de/

Question :
Caesar left a message for me. Can you decrypt it?

message :
zh zrxog qhyhu pdnh lw wkdw hdvb.. rxu hqfubswlrq lv rqh vwhs dkhdg!livi mw er mrgvihmfpi xlsyklx sj geiwevr alex ai amwl, ai viehmpc fipmizi, erh alex ai syvwipziw xlmro, ai mqekmri sxlivw xlmro epws. ai amwl xli jpek mw jpek{xairxc_xlvii_wxefw_evi_aec_xss_qerc}

Caeser online tool

Simple caesar decryption would give us a hint :
we would never make it that easy.. our encryption is one step ahead!ifsf jt bo jodsfejcmf uipvhiu pg dbftbso xibu xf xjti, xf sfbejmz cfmjfwf, boe xibu xf pvstfmwft uijol, xf jnbhjof puifst uijol bmtp. xf xjti uif gmbh jt gmbh{uxfouz_uisff_tubct_bsf_xbz_upp_nboz}

Now we need to try Shift Caeser: Lets check from key 1,2,3,4 woajh got it :-)

In the same online tool you see this ?
"Number of letters to shift to the right:" In the box put 4 and click decipher.

We get :
vd vntkc mdudq lzjd hs sgzs dzrx.. ntq dmbqxoshnm hr nmd rsdo zgdzc!here is an incredible thought of caesarn what we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also. we wish the flag is flag{twenty_three_stabs_are_way_too_many}

Flag : twenty_three_stabs_are_way_too_many

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