Monday, 27 January 2014

Nullcon HackIm 2014 trivia Challenges

Well, had a nice weekend..probably best.I felt world never existed around me.2 CTF's.
Lets get back to what happened and discuss how to solve it.
Trivia was easy enough so let me begin with that.

Question 1 : This esoteric programming language uses AWSUM THX and O NOES as error handling.


Simple google or copy paste the question first result you get it.

Question 2 : What software is used to hack into ENCOM's computer system?

Flag : CLU

website :

Question 3 : Outcome of Stealth Project to make coffee.

Flag : Java

website :‎

Question 4 : Successor of the DEAD persistent object format

Flag : RMI

website :

Question 5 : Oheebhtuf O6700 "havavgvnyvmrq" zrzbel (48-ovg)


As soon as you see it, you can tell its ciphered.I used a cryptogram and i got this "BURROUGHS B6700 "UNINITIALIZED" MEMORY (48-BIT)".But in irc i found that actually it was a ROT13.Anyway its same.How? because ROT13 is rotation 13 a becomes n and so on..cryptograms are also substitution cipher solvers so i got the same answer.Different methods but same answer :-D

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