Monday, 27 January 2014

Nullcon HackIm 2014 Crypto-1

This was amazingly awesome.need really some brain.Well i got hints and solved it too.Getting hints is not bad but trading for flags is bad. :-) just a advice.

Question : dna nihilistic humanoids lost nihilistic weak cloned nihilistic dna dna nihilistic humanoids lost dna into tools dna soulless zombies dna into lost breed xenophobes lost zombies dna soulless nihilistic cloned

So what do u understand from this?? basically nothing :-D so when u dont understand things u should google around.So from a blog writer u can notice that similar words were used to built a sentence which had all alphabets in a order and in the beginning.Thats the HINT.. :-D

So take out all the first letters from the sentence and u would get a string like ..

Now after this was a break point.hard to guess the cipher.It was substitution cipher.Now using the technique of most occuring letters u can deduce that ,'d' was most occurred alphabet so it should either be matching to 'e' or 't' coz those are the most frequently occurred letters in can work out this by googling out for a nice tutorial to solve monoalphabetic substitution cipher.

d->t n->o h->b l->e w->r c->n......

substituting , you would get a string and thats the flag

Flag : tobeornottobethatisthequestion

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