Monday, 12 May 2014

ASIS Quals 2014 Trivia-50 [ Image ]

Sorry, Been long time writing writeups. Exams and project work.Well, had no time for ASIS also.pwned only 1 challenge.Next is defcon and i promise ill write more writeups.Stay updated.

Question : Find the flag.
Description : File

Solution :

Step 1 : Download the file joy_50_25b927e48a23a4b41f215303ca988a01

Step 2 : using " " find the file type.

Step 3 : using 7zip software we can extract .xz as it is one of the compression algorithms like .zip or .tar etc.

Step 4 : repeat step 2 and step 4 as its double packed (.xz + .tar).

Step 5 : repeat step 2 and see that its a .NES file which is Nintendo entertainment system file.For more info see the wiki page

Step 6 : Find a appropriate emulator to run the game. I used fceux emulator . find it here " "

Step 7 : Play the game and pass the level 1 to get the flag in level 2

Step 8 : You see this in level 2 " Flag : 8 BIT RULES"

Admins had posted to ping about this question.They told that the flag is actually 8BIT_RULEZ if you had got till here correctly.


NOTE : you actually don't have to play the game.Start with stage 1 and press F10 you would see this saved state :-)  . Dont know how many found this , but this is an easier way of it :-D


enter valid comments.Suggestions are most welcome and would be interested in correcting my mistakes.