Sunday, 30 March 2014

Volga CTF 2014 Quals Joy-300

This was just a replica of flappy bird game.

Question was in short "Autopilot mode isn't working and the rocket is unable to reach the destination point.reach the destination point for the message(42level)" [Not exact but it meant this]

Well i thought of reversing the game and figured it was written in Delphi and used the Delphi dissasembler also.But just as a confirmation i asked people whether the task was just to reach 42nd level? I got a reply saying "Yes" .Ah perfect timing for showing my flappy bird skills. Bwah it was just 42 level.Piece of cake i thought. But its not easy playing with keboard. Check it yourself.Download the game using the link below.
The game given

After so many attempts i reached 42 level and got this :

Ah observe that at level 42 i crashed :-D This is pure luck :-D

FLAG : it_was_not_so_hard_rrly

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