Monday, 24 March 2014

Backdoor CTF 2014 Misc-150

First i thought it was like Defkthon's zip challenge..Wrote script and it went wrong. :-p

Question :
This wierd file was found by H4XOR when trying to search for his flags. Can you get him his flag ?

Submit flag as flag_obtained

After 6 times unzipping you would get a file called Misc150. A quick file command tells this :

So its time for mounting now.
Command : mount -t ext2 Misc150 ../../../mnt/image -o loop 
Note: file path is different for you.Adjust it accordingly.

so after searching all the folders.I thought of checking bash_history and look what i found.

This link gave me the flag :

FLAG : 934360b5b4901b727471b39455949a47

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