Saturday, 22 March 2014

Backdoor CTF 2014 Crypto-10

Just cracked this in seconds..Have a very good experience with these kind of stego's.

Question :
H4x0R recently went missing. An investigating team specializing in hacking was deployed to search around his place. All they found was this file. Please help them obtain secret 32characters string that can lead to him

Submit the flag as: flag_obtained
Image given :

So the below image says ther is a image inside this image.How to extract? just rename the jpg to rar and extract it you would see a image.

After extraction this is got2.jpg
You would get it wen you see this now..

Very clear that ther is a txt.txt file inside got2.jpg and its content is 6307834008eb8edbe18c7a20ee4a909d

Hence the flag : 6307834008eb8edbe18c7a20ee4a909d

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