Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Nullcon HackIm 2014 Misc-1

This was sooo fun.trust me..was ma first solve after trivia in the competition.
Question : Sam has parked his car in front of a store. Find the name of the store.
Link : http://ctf.nullcon.net/data/2014/lev/misc/Level1.pcap

Well straight forward..extract the only object which was shared..that is nullCTF.png..Wireshark was the tool i used..
Click to enlarge..i have written comments..Dnt miss out!!
the image looks like this..
Arghhh png I hate png stegano :-(
A hexeditor game a clue on this to learn more..
It said this somewhere in the beginning "Raw Profile type Exif"

FLAG : wellsfargo

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