Saturday, 2 November 2013

EMCDefendersleague2013 week-1 challenge-6 solution

Files can be downloaded here :

Mickey Mouse loves to be in company with his friends and when they are not available, Mickey always keeps a group photo with him.

Hint 1:Hidden in bits!

Hint 2:Steganography

file name : Contest6.sample

so we know that its a zip file and when we try extracting we get a pop up for password like this :

so we need to use a zip cracker.Just a guess of range to be 4 solved it.It worked with a lucky guess.but be sure to have bigger for other similar challenges.Here is the link for zip password cracker which i used temporarily.

password is : xtOQ

Now you will find a extracted folder with a image.Now its time for steganography.

Very famous tool in steganography is outguess.
Outguess Download

Now after you install in linux.Just run the tool with image with -r (retrieve data)
Command : outguess -r iCfZqGNnCT.jpg out.txt

Now check your out.txt which has the flag.

And the flag is : xtOQlxsVyfeVDAGuThVw

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