Monday, 18 November 2013

CSCamp CTF Forensics 200(dataNov-8-2013)

As i said i dont remmeber exactly the questions..This was regarding to find the fake users in the database..
As per i remember the question said -
There was a admin who lost his database which was accessed by a script kiddie with tampering of data..Now the task was to find the users who have been registered.

File can be downloaded from here :

Well if you look at the file in text editor it is find to difficult..In notepad++ if you find for \r [carriage return] you would get the count as 5..all those five is the answer.
One more method is to use hexedit.
You would find 2 dots before INSERT and all those users will be the answer.

Now the question said you need to find md5(user1,user2,...userN)

so the answer will be :
MD5 hash for Aurora Davis,Melodie Patton,Octavius Gamble,Lara Benson,Leilani Rivas is : 71284b9edd33e4141952b325a9c6acda

Flag : 71284b9edd33e4141952b325a9c6acda

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