Saturday, 16 November 2013

CSCamp CTF - Crypto 1a

Ah this took me a lot of time to figure out eventhough it was only 30 points.Points doesn't matter.Does it?Uh only if you are good enough.In learning stage never look for points.

well enough of philosophy :-p Now lets get back to work.

Question was to decrypt the message
Message was : Zc duwcievvohpxqv uf bue xw iuzmgwtpthshon. Xpby wg tzx bak eikdxqht; wh'y sse rui ru tx bagh agexmky. Hvk qpiz og hnp pwpkfqgdi mfs rsk qmdx nogn zj bak yse tr thcsfilwm.

Now i guessed it as vigenere cipher and confirmed with admins about it.They told to proceed as i was in correct path.

Now how do i find the key..just keep trying from 1..At 8 you get it.I mean you can see the plain text ..
Key is "GOOGLEIT".

try here :

You see this ?
"TO PolYaLphabetic oR NoT to PolYalphabeTic. ThIs iS not THe QUeStiOn; iT's hoW YoU do it THaT MaTteRs. the flag iS The loWeRcaSe eMm dee fiVe haSh of THe keY in lOWeRcase."

now the message clearly says : md5(googleit)
MD5 hash for googleit is : 36a2b79e4c40eabc3824b2bb433978f4

Flag :  36a2b79e4c40eabc3824b2bb433978f4

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