Thursday, 31 October 2013

EMCDefendersleague2013 week-1 challenge-1 solution

Hi, this is my first write-up on CTF , hope you like it.

This is a recent CTF called EMCDefendersLeague2013 . It was nice playing the CTF. An Indian style CTF and only for Indians :-p

Anyway lets get to job. There were 3 weeks.each week has a difficulty rating,week-1 was beginner and week-2 is intermediate and week-3 was hard.Today am writing only on week-1,later i will be writing on week-2 challenges. Now lets begin!!!

All files for week-1 challenges can be downloaded here  :

Challenge-1 :
Debug Debug Debug
file name : Contest1.sample

Running the file in wine would give the flag.According to my analysis it would be because of the library which is missing in windows.Am not sure but if you run the file in wine you would be getting the flag.

Check this out :

For those who don't know about wine :
you can install it in your Linux system by just opening a terminal and typing apt-get install wine

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