Sunday, 9 February 2014

Olympic-CTF 2014 Nopsleigh-10 { As Seen On Defcon}

Well this was totally unexpected.I had recently seen the defcon-17 video by chris eagle aka psifertex who talks about CTF.So Defcon-2006 trivia 500 was based on similar challenge where instead of ARM64 PPC instructions were asked.

Question :
EBFE is to x86 as ____ is to ARM64

challenge was just to find the opcode used for unconditional branch that is infinite loop in ARM64 as EBFE in x86 means unconditional the hint was in the question itself that the question asked was so similar.Our task was to just find the opcode.Googling out i got 0x14000000 as the opcode.If u find EAFFFFFE then it is 32 bit.Dont worry even i have read the manual but its for 32bit.
as the endian is what was little endian.

FLAG : 00000014

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